Set up a computer network with second-hand equipment

Set up a computer network with second-hand equipment

Computer network installation is a very important but costly step in the life of a company especially when aiming for new and quality equipment. This issue is especially topical as the installed equipment can quickly become obsolete and thus need a fairly rapid renovation.

Nevertheless, there is a real solution that can save you about 90% of the cost of your computer network installation and/or renovation, the use of second-hand networking equipment.

Is used networking equipment a serious alternative?

If the potential savings that can be made are real (up to 90% or even more), is it really worth it to use second-hand networking equipment? The answer is clearly affirmative.

The arguments are numerous. To start, there is the cost gain of course, but we can also mention the reliability of the second-hand equipment (often tested and certified as new), the advice and expertise of true professionals, the ability to order online with fast delivery delays and, the icing on the cake, the warranty granted (for life for some vendors).

Moreover, current vendors offer a wide choice of products knowing that even the biggest brands (e.g. Cisco) are available in fairly big quantities.

How to choose a good supplier of used networking hardware?

The choice of the supplier of second-hand networking equipments is crucial, especially when if one wants good quality and branded equipment (e.g. Cisco). For example, we can mention Aliter Networks as being one of the best worldwide sellers of used equipment for computer networks, especially for Cisco networking hardware.

On its website, Aliter Networks offers quality Cisco branded equipment, having successfully passed a 26-point inspection process, such as Switches, Routers, VoIP equipment, computer security (such as Firewall) as well as Wireless networking hardware, etc.

Aliter Networks also offers rapid worldwide delivery for its second-hand reconditioned networking hardware tested by a professional team. The products line is quite complete and is already available in big quantities. In addition, Aliter networks customers can benefit from a free support of Cisco Certified experts as well as a lifetime warranty on all the purchased products.