Google launches its new WiFi router “OnHub”


Google launches a new WiFi router “OnHub”

OnHub is the name of the new Google WiFi router that was developed to facilitate and optimize the use of the home WiFi network. This newborn from Google belongs to the all-in-one category of modern routers, meaning one device integrating a basic switch, a modem, a wireless access point and other useful networking components.

Google OnHub, easy use and perfect network coverage

From a design point of view, this new Google Wifi router has a cylindrical shape, mixing design and simplicity, with a height of 7.48 inches and a row of six colored LEDs. The Google OnHub has 13 antennas (six antennas of 2.4GHz, six antennas of 5GHz and a last one for congestion detection). It is also equipped with a 3W speaker, a USB 3.0 port, 1GB of RAM and 4GB flash memory built by the Chinese TP-Link. OnHub is compatible with the Bluetooth 4.0 “Smart Ready” technology which enables remote control of multiple smart devices and home automation.

One of the main interesting features of the Google OnHub is its ability to connect all smart devices (smartphone, tablet) and all connected devices in a house (lamp, TV, etc.). The use of this function is very simple on the OnHub via a smartphone application (Android or iOS). It also allows visitors of a house to connect in limited mode without using a password.

This mobile application is to be used, not only to setup and configure the OnHub router, but also to monitor network status and other indicators (e.g. bandwidth used for each connected device, etc.).

With its ultra-fast connection, OnHub allows to set priorities between several connected devices if needed to optimize the WiFi signal distribution. Google new router provides a reliable and secure access throughout the house which can be even more enhanced by adding a firewall (hardware or software), especially if one wants to use OnHub in a professional environment.

Prices and availability of Google OnHub

For now, Google OnHub is only available on the Internet at a price of $ 199 where the prices of similar routers are ranging from $100 and $200. It should also be available soon in ordinary high tech shops in the United States and Canada.